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RCI’s systematic two-inspector team approach will provide you with the observations, facts, and guidance in a comprehensive, detailed, easily understandable, professional home inspection report.

At RCI Inspections LLC, our extensive expertise in building systems and construction, coupled with a commitment to staying current on housing and commercial developments, positions us as your trusted partner. Our core mission is to deliver evidence-based insights through detailed, reader-friendly inspection reports, empowering you to make well-informed decisions on property purchases. 
We offer a range of services, including home, commercial, and investment property inspections, property condition assessments, energy audits, moisture intrusion investigations, and comprehensive examinations of mechanical systems. RCI strives to provide a thorough understanding of the property’s condition, emphasizing clarity in our reports. We are committed to equipping you with the knowledge needed to navigate the real estate market confidently.
About Us

Comprehensive Home And Commercial Inspection

RCI inspections knows that purchasing a home or property today can be complicated and emotional.


RCI’s systematic two-inspector team approach will provide you with the observations, facts, and guidance in a comprehensive, detailed, easily understandable, professional home inspection report.

Our Inspections Service

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is committed to progressing the home inspection profession to increase awareness about the importance of home inspection and develop career opportunities

Residential Home Inspections

A home is often the biggest single investment a person will ever make, and no one wants it to be a mistake. This is why almost all homebuyers have their potential home inspected. An inspection is the only way to be sure the home you want to buy does not have an expensive or even dangerous fault, such as a bad roof or a gas leak.

Commercial Inspections

At RCI Inspections, we know how important it is to be aware of the condition of a commercial building. Whether you are buying, leasing, or selling the property.  It’s hard to make any detailed plans for your businesses if you don’t know what you may need to spend on your building.

Industrial Inspections

When we perform industrial inspections, we look at precisely how the building is being used and make sure it can accommodate that use.  We will examine the building itself along with all of the building’s major systems and components.  This includes entrances, exits, windows, walls, and electrical and plumbing systems.  We also inspect the roof and exterior of the building.

Why Choose Us

We’re your experienced and specialized inspector company in the Chicago area for residential, commercial, or industrial inspections.

Fast Work

Our team does the job in half the time, usually scheduling within one day of your call.

Trusted Work

Our reputation has been established for nearly 30 years.

Accurate Work

Each inspector has a particular area of expertise making the end result accurate.

RCI Inspections adheres and abides by the largest and most comprehensive standards of practice by the industry.

How To Book And Inspection

We make it easy to book an inspection.  Just follow the three steps to book your inspection to get started.


Request an Inspection

Pick a time with a RCI Inspector.


Complete the online information

A confirmation date and time will be sent to you.


The Inspection

A RCI Home Inspector examines the major systems of the home and provides any added services you specified in your booking.

Pricing Plan

Condo Unit Only

Condo prices vary greatly.
Condo unit only, no common elements, independent systems, heating, cooling, and water heaters are included. Includes viewing parking spots and storage areas for unit.
  • Starting at $450.00

Single Family and Townhouses

Single Family, Townhouses, Row houses, and Condos with Common Elements
  • Starting at $575.00
  • Radon Starting at $195.00

Multi-Family Units and Apartment Buildings

Multi-Family and Apartment Buildings with Single or Multiple systems
  • Starting at $750.00

Commercial Building Inspections

Office, Medical, Warehouse Buildings, Churches or Strip Malls
  • Starting at $995.00

RCI Inspections provide residential, commercial, and industrial inspections in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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