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About us

Comprehensive Home and Commercial Inspection

RCI inspections knows that purchasing a home or property today can be complicated and emotional.

RCI’s systematic two-inspector team approach will provide you with the observations, facts, and guidance in a comprehensive, detailed, easily understandable, professional home inspection report.

We know it’s essential to cover all the bases, with our inspectors’ combined years of field experience and attention to detail, you can be assured we will provide you with the unbiased truth and the high-quality service you expect and deserve to make an informed buying decision.

Call RCI today to schedule your home inspection and discover the differences we can provide.

RCI Inspectors

Dean Cushing



Experienced home inspector with a proven track record of conducting thorough residential property inspections. Possesses extensive knowledge of building structures, systems, and components, enabling the identification and documentation of potential defects and hazards. Committed to delivering accurate and unbiased assessments to empower clients to make informed property purchase decisions.

In addition to a successful career as a Home Inspector, I served as a Renovation Consultant from 2011-2023, providing valuable guidance on renovation projects. Collaborated with homeowners and contractors to develop comprehensive renovation plans, ensuring ongoing communication to address concerns and keep clients informed. I am eager to continue learning and expanding my knowledge in the home inspection industry, dedicated to outstanding customer service, and passionate about assisting homeowners in making informed property investments.

George Meegan

After a 30 year career in commercial and residential mechanical trades, from chief stationary engineer to running his own company, George felt he needed new challenges. He took on learning about home inspections in 2015. He was named associate member of the year in 2016 in the Chicago area Chapter of the American Society of home inspectors (ASHI) through dedication. He earned the Ironman award in 2017 and 2018. He currently serves as the Northern Illinois Chicago area Chapter President. George teaches classes in home inspection aspects at the ASHI school and various community colleges for new inspectors.
George is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough inspectors you can find, he has the skills and background to perform assessments of HVAC systems like no one else in the inspection business. With his unique history, commercial inspections are George’s specialty. George can give you unparalleled insight into causal factors behind problems in your home that may be affecting your health. Seeking insight to protect your new investment, George will employ his vast skill set to meet your needs.

Why Choose Us

We’re your experienced and specialized inspector company in the Chicago area for residential, commercial, or industrial inspections.

Fast Work

Our team does the job in half the time, usually scheduling within one day of your call.

Trusted Work

Our reputation has been established for nearly 30 years.

Accurate Work

Each inspector has a particular area of expertise making the end result accurate.

Our value, trust and certifications to help you know
you are making a smart decision with RCI Inspections.

RCI Inspections provide residential, commercial, and industrial inspections in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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