Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

At RCI Inspections, we know how important it is to be aware of the condition of a commercial building, whether you are buying, leasing, or selling the property. It’s hard to make any detailed plans for your business if you don’t know what you may need to spend on your building.


Our agents will perform a detailed inspection of the condition of the building and flag any current or expected upcoming problems. This will let you know what will need to be repaired or updated before you decide to rent, buy, or sell a property.

Property Condition Assessment

A commercial property condition assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a real estate property or building to ensure that it is being delivered to the client in both physical and functional condition. The assessment is conducted as a part of due diligence and is based on ASTM Standard E 2018.


The assessment involves a thorough investigation of the property’s physical features, age, current condition, level of maintenance, and available building system information. The objective is to provide the client with a complete understanding of the property and to ensure that they are not paying more than the fair market value for it.

The Inspection Process

The inspection process needs to be thorough to cover any problems or potential problems with the building. Here is what you can expect to be checked during the inspection.

Building Exterior and Grounds

Our inspectors will check the outside of the building. This will include the surface of the building, the grounds around the building, stairways, balconies, walkways, parking areas, the roof, and any exterior equipment. We will also check the building’s doors and windows for any damage.

Mechanical and Electrical systems

All of the outlets, circuit breakers, ground fault interrupters, and light switches will be checked. We also inspect any security systems and lighting to ensure they work, as well as the plumbing system, the sprinkler system, and the heating and cooling systems.


The interior inspection will include checking the inside walls as well as the condition of all of the rooms, including the bathrooms, common areas, and kitchens.


Our inspectors have years of combined experience and will conduct a thorough inspection of the building, covering all the important details. We will then provide a comprehensive report in easy-to-understand language that will help you to make an informed business decision.


So, if you are planning on renting, leasing, or buying a commercial property in Barrington, Grandwood Park, Indian Creek, Lake Forest, Lindenhurst, Long Lake, let us inspect your property to make sure you know what you are getting.

Our value, trust and certifications to help you know
you are making a smart decision with RCI Inspections.

RCI Inspections adheres and abides by the largest and most comprehensive standards of practice by the industry.

RCI Inspections provide residential, commercial, and industrial inspections in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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