Industrial Inspections

Industrial Inspections

When we perform industrial inspections, we look at precisely how the building is being used and make sure it can accommodate that use. We will examine the building itself along with all of the building’s major systems and components. This includes entrances, exits, windows, walls, and electrical and plumbing systems. We also inspect the roof and exterior of the building, as well as the grounds around the building, including walkways and structures such as those for storage and maintenance.


Our inspectors also look out for any problems that may be commonly associated with the building’s use. These could be environmental issues, equipment that may be damaging the building or property, construction or renovation issues, and many others. We can also give you suggestions on how to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

We inspect warehouses, large physical plants, manufacturing facilities, industrial properties, and large real estate developments. We realize that these buildings have many different uses and that some of the buildings we will be inspecting are used for production and storage. This means that some facilities slated for inspection might be operating around the clock, and we do make accommodations for this.


Our inspectors will explain the building’s strengths and weaknesses in detail, so you will have a clear idea of how well the building will work for your desired purpose. We will also look for any issues that could affect the safety of the building. Whether you are buying, leasing, or investing in a building or development, we want to make sure you know what you are getting and if any repairs or improvements will be necessary.


Once our inspection is complete, we will discuss our findings with you and provide a detailed report of the results. You can also contact us concerning any questions you may have, even after the inspection is complete. We provide services in Deer Park, Holiday Hills, North Chicago, Island Lake, Caledonia, Timberlane, and the surrounding areas.

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RCI Inspections provide residential, commercial, and industrial inspections in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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