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We’re your experienced and specialized inspector company in the Chicago area for residential, commercial, or industrial inspections.

Residential Home Inspections

A home is often the biggest single investment a person will ever make, and no one wants it to be a mistake. This is why almost all homebuyers have their potential home inspected. An inspection is the only way to be sure the home you want to buy does not have an expensive or even dangerous fault, such as a bad roof or a gas leak.


At RCI Inspections, we realize that you don’t want to purchase a home only to find you need to spend even more money fixing problems you weren’t aware of. That is why we provide thorough, high-quality inspections for homes in Green Oaks, Kildeer, Mettawa, Channel Lake, Beach Park, and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Inspections

At RCI Inspections, we know how important it is to be aware of the condition of a commercial building, whether you are buying, leasing, or selling the property. It’s hard to make any detailed plans for your business if you don’t know what you may need to spend on your building.


Our agents will perform a detailed inspection of the condition of the building and flag any current or expected upcoming problems. This will let you know what will need to be repaired or updated before you decide to rent, buy, or sell a property.

Industrial Inspections

When we perform industrial inspections, we look at precisely how the building is being used and make sure it can accommodate that use. We will examine the building itself along with all of the building’s major systems and components. This includes entrances, exits, windows, walls, and electrical and plumbing systems. We also inspect the roof and exterior of the building, as well as the grounds around the building, including walkways and structures such as those for storage and maintenance.


Our inspectors also look out for any problems that may be commonly associated with the building’s use. These could be environmental issues, equipment that may be damaging the building or property, construction or renovation issues, and many others. We can also give you suggestions on how to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Our value, trust and certifications to help you know
you are making a smart decision with RCI Inspections.

RCI Inspections adheres and abides by the largest and most comprehensive standards of practice by the industry.

RCI Inspections provide residential, commercial, and industrial inspections in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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