Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan

Condo Unit Only

Condo prices vary greatly.
Condo unit only, no common elements. Includes viewing parking spots and storage areas for the unit. Units with their own water heater and heating/cooling units start at a higher price.
  • Starting at $450.00

Single Family and Townhouses

Single Family, Townhouses, Row houses, and Condos with Common Elements
  • Starting at $595.00

Multi-Family Units

Two to Four units with A Single HVAC system and Water Heater
  • Starting at $750.00

Commercial Building Inspections

Office, Medical, Warehouse Buildings, Churches or Strip Malls
  • Starting at $995.00

Hourly Rate Or Reinspect; This Requires A Detailed List - $350

Buildings from 2 to 20 units

  • Water HeaterStarting at $50.00
  • HVAC SystemStarting at $50.00
  • Common areas (5-20 Units)Starting at $200.00
Add ons

Additional Inspection

  • RadonStarting at $295.00
  • IAQ Testing (Mold, VOCs and HAPs)
    Starting at $475.00
  • Mold SamplingStarting at $275.00
  • Thermal ImagingContact Us To Discuss
  • Moisture IntrusionContact Us To Discuss
Add ons

How To Book And Inspection

Our RCI Inspectors are committed to providing the most professional inspection to help you make the best possible future decisions.  We make it simple to get your inspection completed.


Request an Inspection

Pick a time with a RCI Inspector.


Complete the online information

A confirmation date and time will be sent to you.


The Inspection

A RCI Home Inspector examines the major systems of the home and provides any added services you specified in your booking.

Our value, trust and certifications to help you know
you are making a smart decision with RCI Inspections.

RCI Inspections provide residential, commercial, and industrial inspections in Chicago and the surrounding area.

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