Residential Home Inspections

Home Inspections Are Vital

A home is often the biggest single investment a person will ever make, and no one wants it to be a mistake. This is why almost all homebuyers have their potential home inspected. An inspection is the only way to be sure the home you want to buy does not have an expensive or even dangerous fault, such as a bad roof or a gas leak.


At RCI Inspections, we realize that you don’t want to purchase a home only to find you need to spend even more money fixing problems you weren’t aware of. That is why we provide thorough, high-quality inspections for homes in Green Oaks, Kildeer, Mettawa, Channel Lake, Beach Park, and the surrounding areas.


Our inspections include sending a two-inspector team to inspect the home to make sure we cover everything. We want to make sure you are aware of any problems with the house so you can be comfortable with your purchase.

What We Inspect

Our inspections are extensive, and we try to include every detail of the home you are considering. We do a visual inspection to see if everything works and is safe. Here is a list of some of what we include in our inspections.


This check involves looking at what type of foundation the home has and what condition it is in.

HVAC System:

The heating and cooling systems will be checked to ensure they work and to determine the condition they are in.


We will check the age and condition of the roof and inspect the gutters, ventilation, and the chimney, if there is one.

Attic And Basement:

We will check the age and condition of the roof and inspect the gutters, ventilation, and the chimney, if there is one.


We will check the windows, siding, ground, and flashing.


The wiring, outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, and fans will all be checked.


This includes checking whether the plumbing system works and is safe, and what condition it is in. Our inspectors will also check the water heater.


The walls, ceilings, floors, appliances, and more will be inspected.


After The Inspection

We will note everything we find during the inspection. Then we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings that is easy to understand. You can also call us with any questions you have, even after the inspection is completed.


So, if you need a home inspection for the home you want to buy, we can help. We service North Chicago, Waukegan, Round Lake, Old Mill Creek, Deerfield, and the surrounding areas.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Conducting inspections during the construction phase is crucial for ensuring the quality of the new build. These inspections involve a thorough evaluation of the home’s condition and systems to ensure that it meets the current building standards. RCI inspectors are responsible for documenting any issues or areas needing repair, which can then be discussed with the developer for correction. 


It’s highly recommended to include construction phase inspections as part of your due diligence before taking ownership of your new home. This proactive approach allows for easier and more timely corrections of any defects or issues that may arise during the construction process.

construction phase inspection

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